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Yoga is an art of living that refines and integrates body, mind and soul. Developing a yoga practise is a fundamental gift to oneself, adopting a committed attitude to working the body and mind with awareness, letting go of old restrictions in the body, becoming more aware of self and being open to positive change.


The health benefits of yoga practise can be improved posture, increased flexibilty, stability of the central nervous system and maintaining overall wellness in the body.
The mental and emotional benefits can be increased self awareness, responding more skilfully to stresses of life through a steadier centre, developing compasssion for ourselves and others.The personal benefits to a regular yoga practise can be far-reaching and unique to each individual, but often we can feel more connected, more alive and more able to flow with the rhythms of life.




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Yoga One to One

£50 for 1 hour 15 mins
£60 for two people sharing

Please call me to discuss your needs, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, and see how yoga can work for you.




Yoga Classes

My teaching style interweaves strands of movement and bodywork, vinyasa sequences for core strength and co-ordination, a focus on healthy alignment and the integration of Vanda Scaravelli’s teachings. They explore simple and more complex asanas. Classes are open to all levels, although complete beginners may benefit from a series of one to one classes to gain a better foundation.



For times and locations please see the home page here.

£50 for a series of 5 classes (valid for 7 weeks) 
£12 for a drop in

Please contact me to check if there is space available and do bring your own mat. They are available to buy here.

‘Deepen Into Yoga’

''Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out
Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadows and shores and hills ''

- Hafiz


Full details for 2015 to come




Kissamos Yoga, Crete
July 28th - August 4th 2015


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A week of Yoga and relaxation at a popular Free Spirit venue. Staying in a traditional Greek taverna, all with air conditioned rooms and by the beach. Yoga practise is on a purpose built deck overlooking the sea. There are two classes a day, morning practice to awaken and energise, and a more restorative evening session. Relax by the beach in the day, visit the local markets or take optional tours to ancient ruins.

Cost £450 sharing and £550 single.

Call Free Spirit to book 01273 564230

Free Spirit


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"Gabrielle’s calm approach and attention to detail created an exploratory and nurturing atmosphere in her classes. The pace varied and routines changed, injecting a sense of fun but also personalising each individual’s experience.There was time to try new things, work with others, and experiment within our own limits. It was the perfect opportunity to reflect, discover and press pause. I will definitely venture again" - Joanne


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