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Due to the Covid-19 situation I'm currently offering yoga movement sessions online. If you would like some support to feel more comfortable, grounded and relaxed in your body and mind, do be in touch and we can arrange a session.


Craniosacral Therapy - an effective and gentle bodywork, restoring health and vitality. Helpful for many conditions, adults, during pregnancy, mothers and babies.

  • Tuesdays am and pm
    The Little Escape
    Crystal Palace SE19
    020 3384 0509

  • Saturdays pm
    Healthy Living Centre
    Islington N1
    020 7704 6900

  • Private practise at home:
    Border Road,
    Sydenham SE26
    Do call or email to book or for more information.


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Yoga Classes in Crystal Palace, South London
Finding more freedom, lightness and space in the body.
Suitable for all levels combining asanas, breathwork, developing strength, fluidity and greater awareness.
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See also my yoga holiday on Crete (July - August 2015).



Craniosacral Therapy

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a natural, safe and effective treatment that evolved from the findings of osteopaths in the cranial field in the last century. It was discovered that listening deeply into the system reveals an expression of health arising from the fluids in the central nervous system, the core of our being.

Using a light touch, or gentle pressure, the therapist listens to the underlying rhythms and tides of the craniosacral motion. You may feel different sensations in the body such as tingling or warmth. A sense of spaciousness and deep relaxation can emerge as the body lets go of tension and holding patterns, and orients towards a vibrant stillness.

The client lies fully clothed on the couch, contact is commonly at the sacrum (at the base of the spine) and the cranium (at the head) but can be anywhere on the body that needs attention.


It is a non manipulative and gentle treatment that is sought out for a wide range of conditions such as headaches, back and shoulder pain, injuries, trauma, stress related symptoms, fatigue and anxiety.

Accordingly, some people may need to have a series of treatments, while others have regular sessions as part of their wellness maintenance. People often report a sense of feeling better in themselves, decreased pain, having more energy and feeling calm and at peace.


To read more about  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Craniosacral motion and the ‘Breath if Life’ here is a beautifully concise description written by senior teacher and author of ‘Wisdom In The Body’ Michael Kern



  • £60 an hour adults and children at
    The Healthy Living Centre, Islington, N1

  • £50 an hour adults, £45 for children and babies at
    Border Road, Sydenham, SE26.


Pregnancy, Mother and Babies

As Craniosacral Therapy is such a gentle treatment, it is widely recommended for both mothers and babies. It can help to undo compressive forces or interventions from the birth process and is a wonderful way to prepare the body for birth.


Stress and strains both internally, from physiological changes, accidents, injuries,  and externally from school, family and environment, can have a huge impact on children’s development. Treatments can help to balance out the body, support transitional periods and the tremendous changes in life as children mature and grow.

Testimonials - craniosacral

‘’I had my first craniosacral therapy in July with Gabrielle. It was the most deeply healing treatment I’ve ever experienced. I was dealing with a lot of personal trauma and change in my life at the time and I firmly believe that the sessions made the difference in being able to cope.’’
-  Elizabeth

‘’I began having cranial treatment after an unexpected epileptic seizure a couple of weeks before which left me feeling anxious and suffering from insomnia. Gabrielle has such a nice way about her, she is softly spoken, an excellent listener and so knowledgeable in her work. The work is subtle and unobtrusive, but the effects are quite profound. I often felt like I had slept for eight hours. Fingers crossed I’ve been seizure free since. I’ve been feeling better in myself, my anxiety levels have decreased and I’m sleeping better. Gabrielle, thank you for your healingness.’’ 
- Charlie

‘’As a musician I am trained to listen, and with cranial therapy I’m learning to listen to my body without sounds, through all these powerful sensations. The energy flowing through Gabrielle’s hands is another kind of music. After each session the sensations are different, The body is better grounded, more light, more free and of course the pain is released ‘’ 
- Esther





Reflexology is an ancient healing art currently recognised as an effective and relaxing treatment that can help relieve many stress related symptoms. Based on the principle that the feet reflect a map of the body, it is possible to treat many conditions, although as a holistic therapy it often helps the whole person feel better.

Working with a gentle pressure to access corresponding places in the body, restores natural balance from within the system. It can bring improved functioning of all the organs, boosting the immune system and bringing the body back into balance.

The feet connect us to the ground and facilitate our movement through life. Reflexology helps to release and reduce general stress and tension of the body and mind, and keep energy moving freely, while experiencing a wonderfully deep and relaxing treatment.

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Reflexology During Pregnancy

Reflexology is increasingly sought out to help with fertility issues and assist in menstrual regulation. It is a fantastic support during pregnancy to regulate hormonal changes and keep the body, mind and emotions in balance during this potent and transitional period of life.

"We were trying for a baby but I needed to get my monthly cycles back on track as they seemed to have temporarily stopped. After seeing Gabrielle I must have ovulated the following weekend and fell pregnant! I now have an adorable baby daughter and thoroughly believe in the wonders of Reflexology." Emma

"Thank you for your help in bringing my system back into balance. I hope I find another Reflexologist as good in Australia!" Sharne

Treatments last one hour and cost £55


craniosacral therapy


Testimonials - reflexology

We took Isaac to see Gabrielle as he seemed a bit anxious. After the first session he had so much energy and was really excited. He seems much happier now and loves having the treatment.” 
- Mum of Isaac age 5

"I went to Gabrielle for about six treatments during a time of personal grief and stress. I don't know how this treatment works, but for me it certainly did. Each session brought profound feelings of relaxation and release, which lasted well beyond the time of treatment. Also, my blood pressure lowered.I had four more sessions when I was suffering from a trapped nerve, shoulder pain and associated feeling of pins and needles in my fingers. By the end of the first treatment, the tightness and pain in my shoulder was released and after the second treatment, almost back to normal. Again, there was a profound feeling of well-being and relaxation, both during and after treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Gabrielle, she is a highly experienced and intuitive therapist.''
- Ed



A few things about me

Therapy Experience
Graduating from the Institute of Craniosacral Studies in 2002, I treat people of all ages and backgrounds, the very fit to the very frail, gardeners, artists, musicians, teachers, architects, lawyers, pregnant mums, newly borns to elders and all stages in between.
Post-graduate courses include studying birth dynamics with specialists Michael Shea, Graham Kennedy and Mathew Appleton. I ran a low cost childrens clinic for several years at the Healthy Living Centre.
Broadening my treatments skills, I took a diploma course with London College of Reflexology in 2005 and further courses specialising in Reflexology During Pregnancy
Im a fully registered and insured member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association and Association of Reflexology, bound by the Code of Ethics in Practise and committed to ongoing studies as part of continual professional development.

Yoga Experience
Ive been practising Yoga since 1997, firstly Sivananda, then Ashtanga and years of exploration with different methodologies and teachers. After several years of intense dedicated self practise and bodywork training I discovered a deep resonance with the Scaravelli approach. I started teaching in 2006 while taking a diploma course in Yoga Therapy at Morley College following the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.
2006 Community Centre Sydenham
2006 Laban Centre Graduate Students
2006 Pr-evolution Dance Company Budapest
2007 Surya Yoga Centre Clapham
2007 One to One at Alo Physiotherapy Clinic Harley St.
2010 Breeze Yoga Beckenham
2010 The Featherstonehaughs
2011 Antenna Studios Crystal Palace.





Some more stuff about me

Movement has always been a natural, necessary and vital expression of life to me. Dancing from a very young age, I trained and then worked as a professsional dancer for many years, performing with the Rambert Dance company and The Cholmondeleys amongst others. After a single treatment of Craniosacral Therapy, and going through a massive life change, I was compelled to shift my energies into alternative health and healing, my own initially, and began studying, absorbing and practising as much as I could.  Since my first class in 1997, Yoga is a constant support, resource and much appreciation to my consistently inspiring teachers Sama Fabian of Aurolab Yoga Project and Giovanni Felicioni, Teacher and Rolfer extraodinaire. The learning and discovery in yoga and life never ceases, just occasional pauses to assimilate, grow wiser and then share...

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